Fan Mail. From Mary

I love hearing how my boards are working for you all. If you have some pictures and a story to tell please share! The first in a new series…


Hi Guy,

I really enjoyed seeing your interview on Liquid Salt. Congrats!

My board is coming up on it’s first birthday and boy, did I ever have a fun year on it. I ended up in the 805 a lot this year because of my daughter’s wedding. Here I am the day after and feeling pretty good. Check out that little section, I got past it for some nice long rides.

Bottom pic is of my son and his cousin surfing Pitas on Labor Day. We rented a house there for the wedding week and surfed every day!

They were stoked to catch some of that swell wrapping around, and no one out.

Anyway just wanted to check in and say thanks again,

All the best,


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