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Early Alien Documentaion

I love getting emails like these… my good friend let me take this old board out of his garage about 3yrs ago. it quickly became one of my favorites and is used often. I wanted to let you know your quality is appreciated and maybe trying to get it duplicated so I can keep surfing and finally give the board… Read more →

Fan Mail. From Mike

Guy, Surfed the Alien this weekend at Santa Monica/Venice.  Serious fun!  Caught more waves than just about anyone else out there.  Rode it as a Thruster on Saturday and a quad on Sunday.  Both nice.  Even though the board is relatively small, I didn’t have any issue with the ride on the relatively large swell we had this weekend.  Thanks… Read more →

Fan Mail. From Mary

I love hearing how my boards are working for you all. If you have some pictures and a story to tell please share! The first in a new series…   Hi Guy, I really enjoyed seeing your interview on Liquid Salt. Congrats! My board is coming up on it’s first birthday and boy, did I ever have a fun year… Read more →